9 3 6 Sick Shit Gambit

1st Eye Infiltration

Gold Truth Antithetical

Time And A Place And A Way Bookworm

Peace Starkly

RaysNovus Ordo

Muse Pyramids

Stop Syzygy

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Abandon all hope faith and trust
What isn’t love who isn’t us
How aren’t we doing/ what we supposed to be doing abandon all hope faith and trust

Nothing is/ nothing was/ nothing not/ not becomes
I am/ utter the words
Sputtering muttering seldom we heard
Yearning to learn/ but knowing that growing will burn
But that is not true/ not without you
It’s not about hate/ not about race
Your god or your faith/ wait
It’s not a debate/ it’s what you create
Slip into the crevices
Smoking gooey nebulas
Dimensional premise/ original genesis
Venomous menacing nemesis/ eminence
Stressed on my sentences/ Truth
The prophets are few/ so let’s see it through

In Lakesh/ A Lah Kesh/ Hunab Ku/ I am You
You are Me/ We are Free/ Together we the Galaxy
2x Together we the Galaxy
4x (Bridge 1x)
(Chorus 2x)

This is to all of the beautiful futurists
Dualistic kung fuing pugilist humanists
Movers and shakers and humorist super kids
Fewer and fewer but newer than newness is

Refusing to stoop and then lose the stupid-ness
Revelling rebelling red revolutionists who
Live by our breath and won’t die on no crucifix
This is to all of the beautiful futurists

Fucks with lust for life/ spite the night of the soul
Delight in your art/ this is the goal
Bet when you do you will glow in the dark
Bet when you do you will know your own gold
Bet when you do you will make your own mark
Peep deep inside/ the aether we spark
In all of your heart and your gut and your mind
Even before we can finish the (rhyme)

Music by Marcel Erasmus
Mix/Master by Jon Lervold @BIGNAME
Written by HXNNXBLE


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9 3 6 Sick Shit

Lesmus got the beats/ you dream of in your sleep

We da Hannah and da Noble/ vanilla and da coco
Da Aether and da Gold wo/ yo/ somos locos
Put you in a choke hold HXNNXBLE bust yo ass what!
Shut the fuck down/ go level up
Create your own character/ this aint America
Visualize the wise/ we dat 936 sick shit
Prophets of orators spit language like sign
It’s hard to be a warrior all the time
Creativity is the goal/ inspire the soul
We know it’s so lonely feeling like you the only
But we comrades in battle so saddle up
We here to rattle up a few of the cattle
Bombarded with engagements/ resentment/ hatred
Who made up all the rules/ gonna do what we choose
Simulation theory/ has got me/ leery
High level tripping me/ dimethyltryptamine

We da HXNNXH and da NOBLE/ vanilla and da coco
Da aether and da gold wo/ yo somos loco—s
Lesmus got the beats/ you dream of in your sleep

(NOBLE) Yo fuck a Bonnie and a Clyde/ we even more wild why
Hxnnxble won’t you listen moon and sun is on a mission
All we need is imagination in this fantastic world
Fuck incredible/ I’m Mr. Elastigirl’s ass wo (THICC)
We super full of wonder feel the quake of earth asunder
Then closely stop and watch me da ant and she da wasp
Truths golden she said “it’s almost over just let me hold ya”
Now know I fucking told ya/ I’m the Gambit to her Rogue, ya
Oui Cherie/ mon ami/ se la vie/ l’mour destin
Comme Nino et Amelie
We da bat and da cat/ the ol’ ball and chain and da axe
All yall fucking pedos better watch ya fucking backs
Cloak and Dagger stab ya soul/ attack ya whole act up
Before you have a chance to subtract ya Instagrams (wait)


Only for your discernment/ we fly like past the firmament
Free ya gut instinct’s internment/ even if purging is burning it
This globe’s a giant lie/ so fuck all ya psyops
Enter Emma Frost and Cyclops/ yall tear up/ ehem, eye drops
Didn’t mean to perplex yas we dare devils and Elektras
Can’t see the rabble we selective/ waste time on no election
We yearn to earn a higher score/ learning to use the force
Like Reylo feeling the Source we stay the course of course
Wait/ use the force like for real?
No you fucking dorks we use the force like it was VRIL, bub
If I’m Wolverine she Grey like comma Jean
Meanwhile we in dreamtime like aborigines
Nihilism we rebuke Jessica Jones me like Luke
Cage gauge some answers she da storm and I’m the Panther
Get your fucking hands up/ cliché makes a great dance, huh?
It’s HXNNXBLE coming through/ so who da fuck is you?

(Chorus 1x)

Music by Marcel Erasmus
Mix/Master by Jon Lervold @BIGNAME
Written by HXNNXBLE


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1st Eye

(HXNNXH) Open first eye to the clearest of skies
Wise woman rhymes here to fuck with the times, chimes
Lyrical heart beats that pulsate your arteries
Armouries pump bump the drum poetic prophecies hum, strum
Vibration’s infiltration/ peaceful meditation/ temptation’s aberration
Co-creators of a new revelation
Shaking the brains of hazy generation

(NOBLE) Oh shit/ quick/ open it/ first eye/ hope in it
Close your lids/ don’t resist/ only this/ solely is
Holy soul/ hold the goal/ soul is aurum/ gold is awesome
Don’t forget/ don’t forget/ do not forget do not four
Three two one/ get it/ zero/ the fool/ you hero/ or a tool
But fear can be your friend/ with you to the end
But then again and again/ the truest sin is guilt
So do as thou wilt/ love under your will/ love under your will
That will be the whole of the law you will instil

Amidst those who sleep lie devils who creep
Werewolves who eat cheap white coated sheep
Bleak futures it seems/ your hopes and your dreams
Worn torn in defeat from those lies that They speak

You been selling gold to the ignorant and ugly
Cash monies bloody/ per capita’s bunny
Picture this: a crippled fist/ an oozing cyst/ a hissing kiss
Remember this: Gold’s just a metaphor it’s cellular

Well fuck sun/ in a world of destruction
Creativity is thee only thing left for we
See/ with your gut instinct/ think with your heart
Feel with your mind the hardest part is just to start
Filling you up with feeling/ killing you with spirit and meaning
Clearing you through hearing/ the reasons must be demons

So set your psyche straight/ just let the cycle play
Alchemize the hate/ it’s intrinsic to create
Just another day say the losers of dismay
Fate is what you make it/ here let me demonstrate it

The truth cannot be bought/ the truth cannot be taught
The truth cannot be sought but the truth is all we got

Music by BDuff @ FAT & OLD RECORDS
Mixed by Marcel Erasmus
Mix/Master by Jon Lervold @BIGNAME
Written by HXNNXBLE


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Gold Truth

Fractals danced in fright of the white magnificent
Luminous so dense no matter could coexist

What are you saying/ these things you’re conveying
Riddled lies that denies my spiritual being
Been feeling so supressed/ little box in my chest
Remember: you just got to breathe (in)

Incredibly eloquent/ steadily bettering/
Elevating elements to celebrate the very sediment
Evidently meddle antithetical
From the seventh heavens of the Seraphim
Unto and through the devilish
We up levelling/ settle for lessons never selling ‘em
Go ‘head and relish in it
Only embellishing GOLD TRUTH
Old youth told you medicine/ for your chicken soul soup (heh)

We told you the…
Gold Truth/ is being undertaken
Setting free enslavements of the sacred
Alchemizing life the equation
Now People of the Aether reawaken

Who/ who/ who are you
What you gonna do/ do da do da do
It’s almost over/ just let me hold ya
Breakdowns occur like the first rift the drifted
Split/ spring/ making atoms want to sing
It’s all make believe wake up/ you’re a dream
Crystals whisper/ they miss you wistful
The few whom knew that/ the moon glew blissed you
Blessed you/ caressed you undressed you/ question?
Did you learn the lesson?

Look up in the sky/ wake up in your mind
Almost out of time/ freak out then you die
Subversions rule/ the cycles of man
But everything is going/ according to the plan
Just be patient/ we gonna make it
Chaos ruled the universe/ but we will recreate it

(Chorus 2x)

(OUTRO) We told you gold truth

Music by Maamoul Al-Hijaz
Arranged by DJ SMOKE
Original Mix and Master by Hobbess
Mix/Master by Jon Lervold @BIGNAME
Written by HXNNXBLE

Recorded in Olympia, WA

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Time And A Place And A Way

There’s a time and a place and a way
And a way/ and a way

Truth disguised within the times/ open your eyes/ your real eye
Systems cast there prisons/ slaves and minions/ inherited privilege
The poor are born/ a double-edged sword/ lord we’re torn/ so forlorn

Been living in a world that’s so confusing
Hoping and praying that I’m not going to lose it
Swallow my pride just to rage inside
Knowing one day we’ll make it in time

Fuck you/ don’t tell me what to do
Who’s the fool/ who’s playing by the rules
Get a job/ to sacrifice truth
Enslave the soul from the passions of your youth
Yo bookworm and nerd got to learn to just say it
When to say it where to say it how to say it/ what you say?
What I am saying is genius is meaningless
Money is scheming us/ know what my meaning is?

(Chorus 3x)

(NOBLE) We know you a slave to your wage
We know you aint got time to play
Even though all the world’s a stage
There’s a time and a place and a way
Even in these end times cray (zy)
And all we want to do is be lay (zy)
Even when clarity is looking hella hay (zy)
There’s a time and a place and way/ see

Follow us/ not too close/ one two/ uno dos
We taking your cups/ filling them up
You swallow ‘em down/ reversing your frown
Keeping your space/ freeing your face
Falling to grace

What the junk/ get the funk
Up right now/ you know how
Move to the beat/ on your feet
Groove to the sweet sound so smooth
Dancing the blues/ singing the news
Answer the truth and don’t lie
Your art is the meaning of your life
Follow your heart gut and mind

(Chorus Outro)

CREDITS: Music by Marcel Erasmus
Mix/Master by Jon Lervold @BIGNAME
Written by HXNNXBLE


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Peace be everywhere/ everyone’s everything
Every time/ every heart/ every spark/ never mind

May there be peace/ on the world and on the water
Inside of fire in the air and in the sky farther
And in the center of the sun and on the moon feel it
Sense it in the body in the mind and in the spirit

Take a piece of your mind to make it mine I
Implore your peace to more like war is love
What in the world as above is so below
So much to explore/ so much to behold yo
Wo and what the fuck is peace anyway
Any day now it should happen to us in many ways but
What does it mean to teach without preaching
Humour me are we too human, all too human Nietzsche
The enslaved feel that we/ should turn the other cheek
But enough of that/ we the ones to level up our peace
So fuck that shit we’ll even level up our beasts
Level up above/ past even love yo (ouu)
And how is peace transcending
The question is the answer oh the quest is the ending
Uh/ and peace and white, aight
Left aint black and light aint right
To infinity and even odd beyond good and evil
Individuating fellow People of the Aether
Yo the shit looks so golden starkly when it’s floating
Through the scope of all your hopes and
Dreams/ take that gold enwrapped in dark
And breathe it in deep through your blood beat ark, peace

(Chorus 2x)


Face it/ peace sounds so sweet but I just can’t taste it
Hashtag this/ hashtag that/ and still nothing passes
Opaque words of hate used to segregate the masses
So what is the reason/ the reason I’ve been dreaming
I dream to bring so meaning to the being
Self-create your greatness
Regardless of what your race gender or faith is
Relate to collaborate/ creative mind states
Bend the time’s prodigies/ today’s anomalies
Modern day hip hop philosophies: Socrates
Make you believe to foresee that anything is: possibly
Deceit is a noble lie/ Plato can tell you why
Break that glass dome collide/ how do you know you’re alive
Truth is deep inside/ sacrifice your pride
Stellar to molecular yo everything’s irregular
Golden auroras drip gooey honey comb nebulas
Crystalline hues illuminate your very cellular
So think before you speak/ learn from what you teach
Practice what you preach/ peace is what we seek
Shhhh/ silence what you need
Then you’ll learn to see/ what is the reason

(Chorus 4x)

Music by Marcel Erasmus
Mix/Master by Jon Lervold @BIGNAME
Written by HXNNXBLE


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Seventh ray from the sun/ shunned race of awakened ones
Mastering/ uplifting gravity/ transmuting attuning batteries
Refuting the slave mentality/ rebooting the matrix reality
Can’t help but feel like I’m gonna lose it actually
Hung nooses/ set loose this verse/ luminous truce
Oof/ truth hurts/ spruce rhymes to transcribe the vibes of nines
Hereby rebuking/ this ancient time looping
The emptiness is thick/ that’s why I’m here to spit
Sweet honey like a busy bee/ so lick my creativity
Sometimes I fear that we the only ones, hun
So lonely it seems when we drifting through dreams
What’s it all mean when we seem to be the losers
Believing in a past that never made it to the future
Dark rings/ sheer spirit enlaced graced to strumming heart strings
Unpack the soul imagine/ imaging the magic
As fantastic as a flashback of acid
Grasp it don’t delay lest your dreams decay, k?
Dreams are better when you never let them slip away

So set your psyche straight/ just let the cycle play
Alchemize the hate/ it’s intrinsic to create
Just another day say the losers of dismay
Fate is what you make it/ here let me demonstrate it

Layers beyond Intergalactica/ stars fantastical
Dimensional time warped space your face is mutated
This planet is a plantation create/ medifestate/ wait
Better to credit the All instead of for just the One
So let go/ embedded is soul/ spirit is gold
Hear it/ no DO/ fear it never though do grow through
Accept neglect/ forever say ever/ let it affect
I’m’a say respect/ Namaste/ I genuflect
But there’s evil in the Aether asleep
Beautiful sheeple its deep/ who would believe it the grim
Has come to reap you deplete/ the population
To save your corporations/ fuck your Novus Ordo Seclorum
I’m stopping the occupation/ Dr. Jung’s doppelganger
Psychological state/ now initiating the process of individuation
The awakening hitherto undreamed of commenceth
Hence it’s spring time soon the noontide of the Ubermensch


You will be what you will to be/ I will be what I will to be
You will see what you will to see/ I will see what I will to see
We will be what we will to be we will see what we will to see
Fleeting the feeling of entropy how are we more than infinity

Music by BDuff @ FAT & OLD RECORDS
Mix/Master by Jon Lervold @BIGNAME
Written by HXNNXBLE


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Amusing amuse me/ a muse meant to use me
Move me like a movie/ my muse sick so moody

Auras color mists or/ fireworks amidst echelons higher than this (au)
Rora borealis inside of my eye’s lids/ four five six seven eight
Nine ten eleven great heavens await/ meditate
We more creating recreation/ dangerous flavour
Slave to savour my saviour’s behaviour
You tell me telepathy synaesthesia/ several senses Sense8
Synchronously easier/ excuse me please I’ll never misuse ya
Veritably the terrible Truth to beautiful future
Abuse me it’s cool/ I am your drooling foolish tool
Gimme it all then gimme the rest
Then gimme your worst then gimme ya best
Trusting in you like the beat in my chest
Trusting in you like I breathe in my breath
You are the covenant/ my heart is your arc
Spark stark but markedly/ darkly your artistry
“Follow me”/ and in hell she held me
Then we played a game she named “Pray Tell Me”
And we consumed the Doom
Unified Dearth to make light on Earth lucid
Continue into zoom/ new Luna arisen
Through the hemisphere/ pierce pyramids and prisms
And a myriad of prisons/ “Hear it?”
She says clearly/ even without speaking
“Do you hear all the spirits of the whole system twinkling?”
I couldn’t even answer/ the question was the answer
As the quest is the end/ as the quest is the end

Shake up the ways that you wake up
Break up the fake that you make up
Quake up the ache that you spake of
Love is nothing to be ashamed of

Amuse me/ A shadow of a memory
A thought form/ a fragment of the unborn a rush
a gush of adrenaline/ DNA unspiraling
brain waves igniting and/ inside I'm fighting it
Stop/ Breathe/ Alchemize/ Synchronize
Blast off/ Jack off/ Orgasmic
Forgo the tragic/ Dealing with black magik
Plastic hollow like the shadows of a match lit.
Flicker/ Grow/ Glow/ Indigo
Then you'll know/ It is truth/ It is true/ God is you
Break/ your mind states
Let the soul gravitate infiltrate resonate
Reawake the fate of a half-baked mate
Predate the thirst/ from sunshine she burst
birth/ a poet's first word
Recompose the tune/ Sound of the womb
Imagining/ Fathoming/ Cosmic wind/ Death within
Soggy roots/ Omit truths
Cosmos fuse/ Nebula hues
Radiant blues/ Spanish Luz
Immaculate views/ Ejaculate ooooo’s.


Music by Marcel Erasmus
Mix/Master by Jon Lervold @BIGNAME
Written by HXNNXBLE


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The divine...

The divine studied rhymes
Constructed the lines
It alphabet the times
Those geometric signs

Syzygy fuse/ Creation’s muse
Sun Earth Moon/ Ion’s Womb

Salvation comes from revelation
The source is found through mediation
Love is only medication
Dancing created/ Liber-ated

Does the moon gloom at the corner of the galaxy
Swallowing hope like the Gods when they’re mad at me
Relating the sadness/ the madness of reality

Do you think that you are dreaming
Do you feel your mind ascending

Understanding feels like a memory
Locked in my DNA/ Manifesting alchemy
Soaring through the milky way

How does white know the night
How did black see the light
Gold gloam bright in the dark
Science subverted her parts
Magik she gained through art
So just start

Just fucking stop and be free
It’s all just a dream make believe
Let your feet drum for the sea
Dance in a trance to the beat
Don’t give a fuck what people think
You are infinity
Close your eyes and you’ll see

Close your eyes and just dance


Close your eyes and just dance
Close your eyes and just dance
What/ Watch your hands
Close your eyes and just dance
Get the ants out your pants and all your antsy-ness
Fancy dat/ No Fancy dis
Oh damn man/ fancy dancing
You doing it now/ you emancipated
It’s the proclamation/ that your dance created
Your hands are fading/ Your feets are blurred
The world’s a whirl/ The words are slurred
All heart/ all mind/ all solar plexus
All time all art/ all hold her nexus
Hold it so close/ like uno dos
Espanol I feel you/ Lo siento
Now hear it in your spirit/ fear it till you clear it
Feel a little healing/ You free in this feeling


Music by Marcel Erasmus
Mix/Master by Jon Lervold @BIGNAME
Written by HXNNXBLE