“(aka Hannable, aka Da 9 and Da 3, aka Da Aether and Da Gold, aka Hannahsan and Nobisan)…
are Aetherrealist multimedia artists with the objective to edutain and inspire mutualistic creativity via the syzygy of art, spirituality and technology.”


“HXNNXH(like HANNAH but better cuz it’s backwards and upside down palindromic) always felt like an alien growing up in Texas. In 2010, she left her hometown for the hippie life at The Evergreen State College, where she met her future partner, Noble, in the “Dance of Consciousness” program. Exploring her dreams of teaching through art and learning through travel, she pursued a degree in Consciousness Studies. After studying under the Shipibo ayahuasqueros in Peru, she began writing wicked hip hop lyrics to preach the feels and reveal lost knowledge to the modern world. HXNNXH resides in Hong Kong with her partner in crime, stealing dreams from the Imaginatrix. She enjoys drawing lil alienz, intimidating others with her silence, and raging on the dance floor.”
— “I dream to bring some meaning to the being…”


“Hailing from NYC, Noble Trevaun Russell-Frazier (gubment name) was born into an eclectic aesthetic. Possessing the lust for life since he was only a ute, specifically for philosophy and poetry, Noble honed his self-taught occult and secular knowledge as a non-traditional student at The Evergreen State College, earning a B.A. in Consciousness Studies; meeting future bae, teammate, co-founder and superfriend, Hannah. Traversing the world studying the ancient traditions, team Hannable (HXNNXBLE to avoid any legal bullshit) found multimedia art as the perfect conduit with which to present ancient wisdom in a futuristic format. Currently, Noble resides in Hong Kong with Hannah promoting HXNNXBLE, 936, and Aetherrealism as his contribution to the world. He enjoys kinky shit, conversation, and veggie burgers.”
— “This is to all of the beautiful futurists…”