“Da 9 3 6: HXNNXH, NOBLE and Marcel (aka Lesmus), respectively! They met in Hong Kong, and the rest is history. Or herstory. Marcel quickly became HXNNXBLE’s producer and HXNNXBLE, his wordsmiths,producing most of their debut album as well as in the future and to beyond! ”


“6” Marcel (aka Lesmus aka da 6 aka Cellstar), began making beats in 2012 after much exposure to the electronic scene in Cape Town. It was shortly thereafter and in the years to come that he articulated in on his production and engineering skills, becoming classically trained in the keys, which greatly impacted his compositions. Taking influence from all forms of music, Marcel continues to push his own envelopes in order to create more and more unique originalities that speak to the soul. Marcel currently resides in Hong Kong where he cultivates his yoga practice and refines his body and musical creativity as one whole. He enjoys handstands and beats and chill over netflix and chill.” — “There’s a time and a place and a way, and a way, and a way…”